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HOJOCO is dedicated to provide top expertise in marketing, merchandising, and distribution solutions to businesses worldwide.


Our Services


At HOJOCO, our team of experts are uniquely skilled at understanding and redefining your target audiences. Our branding and creative design team of experts will help to position your business with strategies that accurately represent who you are.


We continuously research, analyze, and test to formulate proven marketing techniques and strategies that will effectively communicate between you and your customers in order to achieve your goals and objectives. We go beyond simply knowing your products and services. We dig deeper to understand the philosophy and the art of your business in order to deliver the most optimal results to your target market.


Having the best quality product can only go so far these days. That is why we collaborate with various promotional, retail, and merchandising groups who are the best at what they do in order to deliver greatest visibility and marketability for your product.


At HOJOCO, we understand how important it is to distribute and deliver your products and services to the market without devaluing your business. We will work hard to have your  product, pricing and promotion meet your expectations of standards, and market the way you want it. 


Our international team can help facilitate your goods globally without hassle. Our logistics team will also make sure to put best strategy in place for you.


If you need any help in any part of your business, we have specialists and experts who can help. And if we can't help, we will make sure that you are connected with someone who can. Remember, HOJOCO is a one-stop solution. We strive to service all aspects of business, and to everyone who are in need of help. Lastly, we do what we do because we love doing what we're good at doing. God gave us heart and love, and we plan to use it to service our community and our people.

God bless each and every one of you.